About Ron

So, a little about me…

I grew up in a small town in Indiana (a church, in fact) with my parents and two older sisters. It feels like I’ve always been writing. I started writing shorts stories and novel-length works when I was 13. In addition, I’ve kept a consistent diary since 1990. After graduating from Purdue University in 1990, I moved to Chicago–a city in which I’d always wanted to live. 

Chicago is where I became who I am. And though I lived in Los Angeles for four years, I came home to Chicago because it’s just the right place for me.

I started this blog as an instrument for coping with my husband Ken’s cancer

My boss. 2016

diagnosis in December 2010. It grew to be both a necessity and a passion for me as he battled cancer before and during his terminal diagnosis. He died on June 1, 2011. Writing here has served me well as a tool for relaxation and focus as I navigate my way through life and create my future.

In June 2012, just about a year after Ken died, Kallie Kismet joined me on my journey, making me a little family once again. In January of 2014 I bought my first home in the same neighborhood–just a couple of blocks from where Ken and I lived. You can usually find us roaming the neighborhood on long, meandering walks.

If there is snow on the ground, you will find Kallie squirming around and enjoying it, and me yelling at her, looking like an idiot.